I'm sure it is the dream of many people to work with animals and it has been mine for a long time.  Well, I have been lucky enough to fulfil that dream by spending my days looking after those family members who have to stay home during the working day!

My name is Lynn and I have had dogs all my life.  They have always been a passion of mine - any shape or size.  I love them all.  I have three of my own; Islay (otherwise known as Princess) and Rona (my shadow) are German Shorthaired Pointers and Thistle is an Irish Terrier (she's the cheeky one).  I love having them around me - even if I have to fight for a seat at times!

I will look after your pets as if they were my own.  I will take time to get to know them and to let them get to know me.  I want your pets to be happy and comfortable in my company and enjoy their time with me.

I thought I would include the following poem for all you dog lovers.  It is written by the amazing Lucy Jackson who is an absolute expert on Irish Terriers and is devoted to the breed:

Love Song

How do I love you
My little brown dog
So sweetly asleep in my hand
I love you like springtime and dew on the grass
And honey and bluebells and angels that pass
My dear little, soft little lamb

How do I love you
My wild brown pup
So wicked and wayward and bold
I love you with laughter and fury and fear
I've called till I'm hoarse, but still you don't hear
Why will you not do as you're told?

How do I love you
My clever brown dog
So much in charge of my day
I love you with wonder and awe and respect
You watch every move and you never forget
You know every step of the way

How do I love you
My wise old dog
So courageously facing the end
I love you with sadness and joy and regret
But the gleam in your eye says there's life for us yet
My beloved, my funny old friend

How do I love you
My brown spirit dog
I still hear your foot on the stair
I'll love you forever, you're part of my soul
Till the sun melts the sky and the moon turns to gold
I know you will always be there.

Lucy Jackson

July 1998